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2 more terms left in school AND IM DONE! Finally starting to figure out what I want to do with my advertising degree, now I just gotta save up some money and make my dreams come true.

A few updates:

  • Got accepted for the FIR internship program at PSU
  • Working events/promotions for G+Local and Zagat
  • Taking BA495 and MKTG444 this summer
  • Still single
  • Planning on a trip to San Francisco and Tulum, Mexico late august/september

LOVE my MKTG444 class. Its all about advertising account management and has given me the opportunity to see how many different ad agencies in the portland area operate. I learned about a new position called a “Creative Technologist” that many ad firms hire, and I think I want to go that route, or eventually become an Art Director. We shall see…