Liquid is a branding agency that works with Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley companies, specializing in brand culture and identity. I worked in their Portland office as a Program Coordinator which taught me everything there is to know about project management, working as a team, managing multiple projects, and effective communication.


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I loved coming into work everyday. Because Liquid helps clients with culture and identity, they’re own culture was something to marvel at. The environment was very welcoming and inspiring. While agency life can be busy and stressful, Liquid found ways to keep us calm. I loved that my coworkers brought their dogs to their office, we would have weekly creative meetings to share inspirational content, and during the summer we would have a barbecue here and there.

I learned so much more about branding I had never given enough thought about. Marty Neumeier, their CEO of Branding, is a genius. He’s written many best-selling books on design thinking and how to build the perfect brand. I was even lucky enough to work with him on a rebranding project for a client. As I learned more about branding I became fascinated with the strategy behind it, and even though my focus was project management, I was given a few strategy and research assignments while I worked there.


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Liquid’s client list was impressive, and I was happy I got to work for Silicon Valley Bank, Host Analytics, and The Council on Employee Benefits. I also got to work on Liquid’s largest culture client, Walmart. While I can’t speak too much on Walmart,  what I can say is that we helped WM with their internal communications for benefits and annual enrollment. When you have 2.3 million person workforce, explaining benefits to all different kinds of employees can be a daunting task. As a program coordinator, I supported the Client Delivery team by managing contractors, scheduling meetings, monitoring workflow resources and maintaining production data on a daily basis. I also got to assist with new business development, and took my first work trip to manage a photoshoot.


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