During my last term at PSU, our National Campaigns class competed against 20 other universities in edVenture Partner’s industry-education partnership with Chevrolet. ┬áThe competition was to design an on campus event campaign that showcased 3 of Chevrolet’s new models geared towards the college/Gen Y demographic.







This project was completed over the course of 11 weeks and entailed:

On December 14th, it was announced that our class had the most effective campaign and that out of the 20 schools that competed, we had one won 1st place as the overall milestone ranking. Each student in our class not only gained valuable experience in campaign strategy and implementation, but also won iPad minis to help further our education.

Specifically my contributions to this campaign have been heavily related to account management, creative work, event planning and digital strategy. I created the campaign logo, designed the event layout, managed deadlines and goals, came up with a engagement feature using Instagram, created brand clouds to display results, and designed the final plans book which was given to the NW Chevrolet regional managers and Edventure Partners. Click here to check out the plans book.


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