Working for Anvil was a great experience and I learned a lot about digital marketing. Design, research, and planning, were apart of my daily routine and my role as a marketing intern. Recently the company updated their logo, so I’ helped redesign their marketing collateral to go with the new branding, and also improved the overall appearance. A lot of my projects at Anvil also involved research; I assisted with business development, and client research for different marketing strategies.

One of my proudest design projects I worked on, was redesigning their white papers and cheat sheets. The documents (which are available for download on their website) needed a serious redesign along with using the company’s new logo.


When I wasn’t assisting with design, I was researching and helping with creative strategy. Almost everyday, I scoured the internet for contacts that could lead to possible new clients and occasionally, I was asked to come up with ideas for non traditional advertising or different kinds of ad copy. Since day one Anvil was impressed with my bold and out-of-the-box creative ideas.  On the first day of my internship I was asked to come up with forms of non traditional advertising that could be used for a client’s product, so I suggested they advertise on porn websites, which they pitched to the client, who loved it and is currently being implemented in their campaign!(Why porn? Read Eat24’s case study)

Besides learning about SEO, PPC and agency work-life, Anvil has taught me a lot about how face paced agency work can be. More importantly, they taught me how to keep up with the ever changing trends in advertising, and how to properly manage them to bring value to their clients. It was a great experience, and I’m glad I got to work with such nice and talented people.


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