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Just wanted to update everyone on my work with Betabrand! As a lot of you know, I submitted an apparel design to Betabrand about a year ago. It’s called the Work-To-Evening dress, and it’s still available for purchase!

When I first submitted the design, people voted for it. After receiving enough votes, Betabrand contacted me that they wanted to design a prototype and crowdfund the dress on their site. I was so ecstatic! I had originally submitted a concept for the dress because I wanted to challenge my design skills and see if I could create a product that people actually needed and wanted. To my surprise it was very well received!


After receiving the prototype, the next step was launching a crowdfunding campaign. I had 30 days to sell 50 dresses (or more) so that Betabrand could mass produce the dress. Initially I was a little worried I wouldn’t sell enough, but after speaking to their Co-Founder/Director of Crowdfunding, he assured me it had the potential and gave me tips on how to promote the dress. Not only did I make my goal within two days, but the dress was 230% funded by the end of the 30 day campaign!


While I get a small cut from the sales of the dress, it’s not the main reason I chose to do this project (I didnt even know I was getting payed until after I got my prototype). I love Betabrand’s clothing, and the many creative campaigns they come up with to promote their brand. I’m grateful they gave me a chance to test out my design and marketing skills. This experience has really inspired me and I’m hoping to have more opportunities to launch and create more products similar to this. Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way of this project! I’m sure there will be more cool innovative things either I create or help promote so stay tuned!