I’ve been waiting to write about this until I get my prototype, but since Betabrand is taking awhile with production, I figured I’d write about it now since it demonstrates my creative design and crowd sourcing abilities.. And I’m pretty damn proud of my design.


Awhile ago, Betabrand held a design contest to create a garment that meets standard dress codes, but takes an innovative and creative approach. They called it the “Hack the Dress Code” contest, where anyone could submit a design concept, and then people would vote on their favorite designs. After learning A LOT of graphic design from my contracted job as a production designer, I figured I’d take a stab at it. I’ve always been a huge fan of Betabrand clothing ever since I got their disco hoodie, and because they’ve done some amazing creative ad campaigns.


I created a dress to help women transition from office to late night fun, and called it the Work to Evening Dress. You can read more about the concept in the description below:

Most of us working gals know, one of the most important things in our wardrobe is to have an outfit that easily transforms from work appropriate to evening wear.

Sometimes this can be accomplished by taking off a blazer and other accessories, but usually women are forced to bring a whole second outfit to switch to when they’re heading out of the office.

It can be tedious figuring out two separate outfits for different functions, so many women just give up and go home to change when work is done. I want to offer an easy and fashionable solution for this dilemma by creating the first ever convertible work-to-evening dress, designed for the office and late-night fun.

I got a lot of praise and created a lot of buzz around my garment by sharing on all my social networks. I was competing against over 50 other designs so I worked tirelessly to get as many votes as I could, and wound up with 215 votes total. However, nothing could make me stand out against The Suitsy. That damn suitsy! Seriously, who wants to buy a suit onesie? How would you go to the bathroom in it? How would they make production of such an item affordable? People liked the suitsy because it was funny and indeed “hacked” the dress code, but it wasn’t nearly as useful or feasible as my creation. So The Suitsy won and I thought that meant the competition was over and I’d never hear from Betabrand again. WRONG.

About a month and a half after the contest, I received an email from the Director of their ThinkTank program telling me how much they loved my design and that they want to move forward with it and put it in crowdfunding. I was so excited! I had no idea my design was still being considered. I immediatley emailed them back with more details about my dress, and also gave them my measurements as they will be making me my own prototype to model and take photos with! The dress should be ready for me this spring, and I actually just emailed them to get more updates. I cannot wait to get my dress and show everyone my creation!

This whole experience has been unreal. I never thought I could pull off something like this but now I can tell people I’ve designed and prototyped my own garment, soon it will be available for people to buy too! I learned a lot about not underestimating myself as a designer, and that just because you don’t win what you originally set out for, doesn’t mean you lose entirely. It’s not even about winning or losing, it’s about putting myself out there and not being afraid to express who I am, what I can do, and being proud of the things I do.

More updates/photos once I get my prototype. Cheers!